A new collaborative research project, titled Foregrounding Indigenous Perspectives: Community and Collaborator Affinities and Conflicts in Open Education, aims to address a fundamental problem in how open educational practices approach Indigenous Knowledges, and instead replicate colonial concepts of ownership and knowledge transfer. The project will identify gaps in the open education communities’ understanding of Indigenous perspectives through surveys of open educational resource creators, and interviews with Canadian Indigenous faculty, academic educators, librarians, and others involved in the creation of open educational resources and initiatives at various universities and colleges.  “My hope for this project is to have some sense of how we can engage in openRead More →

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Foreground Indigenous Perspectives in Open Education research project. Funded by the CARL Academic Research Grant, this two-year research project is seeking to engage with Canadian Indigenous OE creators, service providers, and Indigenous-identifying community to better understand perspectives, interests, tensions, and barriers around OER. Open education (OE) includes a blend of strategies, technologies, and networked communities that make the process and products of education more transparent, understandable, and available to all. Due to the focus on transparency, community, accessibility, and affordability, OE activities are often framed as a part of a social justice movement. Within this context,Read More →